Taras Stojković

Taras Stojković is a person whose personality today has been shaped by exceptional life circumstances. He is an inspiring, hardworking, organized, multicultural, energetic, dedicated, versatile, and devoted young man who thinks that the world would be a much more organized and beautiful place to live in if everyone dedicated themselves a little more to make it that way. Starting from ourselves. And this is exactly what Taras does every day – always trying to achieve more and become a better person than he was yesterday.

Taras is very grateful for his multicultural way of growing up. He was born in Nigeria, in the heart of Africa; he is a Canadian citizen of Serbian and Russian descent; and has studied in Serbia, Ukraine, Jamaica, Canada, and Australia. It was exactly these circumstances that directed him towards the broad spectrum of interests he developed and is further developing and passing on to future generations. He strongly believes that everyone can create conditions that they desire and that learning never stops. Maybe he sets such high goals for himself because he does not take things for granted, or maybe, he is just an extraordinary person to whom every new success is an incentive to continue and a wind in the back that always pushes him forward and does not let him give up even when it seems as if there is lack of energy. Taras is a member of numerous international organizations, long-time volunteer, dedicated student, young businessman, civil engineer and innovator, cosmopolitan, ambassador of several world student and cultural organizations, consultant, project manager, but also much more. In addition to all this, Taras is an open, cheerful, and curious person who is always ready to socialize, travel, work, and live for new experiences.

It is true that people forget about 90% of their dreams, so dreams need to be written down and plans need to be made to realize those dreams.

Professional Background

Solutions-oriented and results-driven professional, offering progressive and global background in project management, business development, civil engineering and construction management. Known for strategic project realignment to meet core business and engineering objectives with delivery within budget constraints and time limits. Track record of accomplishment in planning and managing multi-million-dollar projects aligning business goals with solutions to create new services and drive continuous process improvement. Results-focused business manager with hands-on experience in establishing and leading relationships with key stakeholders and decision-makers throughout all levels of the organisation. Effective communicator, presenter, and negotiator with a proven ability to understand and gain insight into client requirements and complex operational challenges.

Areas of Expertise
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Construction and Site Management
  • Innovative Marketing Operations
  • Strategic Market Planning and Execution
  • Key Business Relationships Building
  • Trilingual in: English, Serbian, and Russian
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Business Development / Administration
  • HSE Policies and Procedures
  • Excellent Client Services/ Team Leadership
  • Budgeting and Resource Management
  • Verbal and Written Communication
Educational Background

Bachelor of Civil Engineering – Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia


Civil Engineering Technologist Diploma – Humber College, Toronto, Canada

  • 2013 – Nikola Tesla Memory Project – UNESCO Centre for Peace – TESLIANUM Energy Innovation Centre, Paris, France
  • 2013 – System Thinking, Positive State of Mind, Empathy INFLUENTS Magazine, Toronto, Canada
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Additional Experience
  • 2017 – Organizer for Serbian delegation – XIX World Festival of Youth and Students supported by the UN and UNESCO, Sochi, Russia
  • 2015 –  Canadian Ambassador – One Young World, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2013 –  Cross-Cultural and World Heritage Ambassador – UNESCO Club Sorbonne, Paris, France
  • 2014 –  International Student Ambassador – Study Gold Coast, Gold Coast, Australia
  • 2013 –  Ambassador – Seliger International Youth Forum, Tver, Russia
  • 2013 – Marketing, Education, and Camp Life Manager – Strasbourg, France
His projects with ICG
    ICG International
    Consulting Group

    The International Consulting Group is a voluntary, non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organisation established for an indefinite period to set and realise goals in the field of civil society development, international, cultural and economic cooperation and education.


    Čumićevo sokače bb, lokal 120, 11000 Beograd, Srbija


    +381 64 523 1577