Jelena Egelja

Jelena Egelja

Jelena Egelja is an excellent relationship-builder with creative and pragmatic strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, presentation skills, skills in organizing seminars, workshops, conferences, foreign experts missions, training, and reporting. She gained her experience from working in a range of institutions and projects with a variety of technical and management responsibilities.

Her professional career has been shaped by working in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Albania; where she gained advanced knowledge, multidisciplinary competence, network capabilities and experience in reform processes in the Western Balkans (EU Pre-Accession instruments/strategy, policy and institution building); liaison at both central and regional level; design and preparation and project implementation. She worked as a project coordinator on 3 projects, hence she gained extensive track record of working with public administrations and agencies; of working in quality assessment of EU project fiches; as well as significant practical experience in monitoring/evaluation methods and techniques at the program, policy and field experience level; and with large knowledge of public administration specifics: central and local government institutions, including ministries and ministerial departments, municipalities. Additionally, she is a networker with proven analytical and document drafting skills, time management, organizational and communicational abilities.

    ICG International
    Consulting Group

    The International Consulting Group is a voluntary, non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organisation established for an indefinite period to set and realise goals in the field of civil society development, international, cultural and economic cooperation and education.


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