Bratislav T. Đorđević

Bratislav T. Đorđević is a legendary former Serbian professional basketball player and coach. Đorđević spent his entire playing career in Radnički basketball club from Belgrade which, at the time, played in the Yugoslav First Basketball League.

Đorđević began his coaching career also in Radnički, yet the most important success he achieved with the Crvena zvezda (Red Star) basketball club. He was coach during the winning of Yugoslav League title in 1971-72 season. During that season, the leaders were Zoran Slavnić, Dragan Kapičić, Vladimir Cvetković and Ljubodrag Simonović. Beside the national coaching career, he worked abroad, in Greece, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and France.

As a professional basketball coach he achieved numerous notable results: Federation Cup winner with “Al Wasi” (United Arab Emirates) basketball club 2001-2002, United Arab Emirates Champion with “Al Wasi” basketball club 2001-2002, a record holder of the Guinness World Records: largest official FIBA competitions result (9), Asian Games in New Delhi – 27 November 1982, Yemen-lraq (coached by Đorđević) 33:251 (16:131), to mention just a few.

Together with his colleagues, he founded many educational institutions and non­-governmental sports organizations. As the initiator and organizer of top sports events, especially those with a humanitarian character, he introduced a series of remarkable innovations in sports marketing by connecting the profession and financial institutions. While doing all these humanitarian activities, he worked as a volunteer through his BF-BATA FOUNDATION.

Coaching career
  • “Radnički” pioneers coach 1964-1965 (volunteer)
  • “Maribor” basketball club professional senior coach 1966 (professional)
  • “Marko Orešković” primary school physical education teacher 1966-1971
  • “Crvena zvezda” basketball club professional senior coach 1971-1973
  • Basketball federation of Serbia expert associate 1973-1975
  • “Crvena zvezda” basketball club professional senior coach 1975-1979
  • “Radnički” basketball club professional senior coach 1979-1980
  • “Patra” (Greece) basketball club professional senior coach 1981
  • “Borovo” basketball club professional senior coach 1981-1982
  • Professional coach of the Iraqi national basketball team federation 1982­-1983
  • “Al Wasi” (United Arab Emirates) basketball club professional senior and junior teams coach 1983-1986
  • United Arab Emirates national team professional coach 1985
  • “Borovo” basketball club professional senior coach 1986-1987
  • “Fahahil” (Kuwait) basketball club professional senior coach 1987-1990
  • KK IMT coaching staff volunteer advisor 1990-1991
  • KK Limoges (France) younger categories professional head 1991-1993
  • “Playmaker” Inc. director 1993-2000
  • “Al Wasi” (United Arab Emirates) basketball club advisor and all categories head 2001­-2003
Professional Activities


  • University of Belgrade and Novi Sad instructor and lecturer
  • Organized and led many professional courses, seminars and conferences and was an instructor in many domestic and foreign centres (Italy, France, Romania and Canada)
  • Founded the institution of professional advisors – instructor of Basketball federation of Serbia
  • Prepared many professional programs for “KSJ,” “KSS,” “SSK,” “SSS,” clubs, camps, national teams, conferences, trainings, development of sport and training centres, coaches associations, minibasket, cooperated with national federations and many institutions
Professional programs


  • Published a lot of professional materials on basketball management, strategy development, taking advantage of the basketball business, etc.
Most important public positions


  • Chairman of the Expert council of the Basketball federation of Serbia (1966-­1973 and 1995-1998)
  • Strategic team of the Ministry of youth and sport
  • Strategy for Sport Development member
  • Youth Commission Chairman
  • President of the “Junior” Society for the promotion of child and youth sports
  • “Radnički” basketball club board member
  • “Crvena zvezda” basketball club board member
  • “Crvena Zvezda” basketball club “Nebojša Popović” basketball foundation president


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