SIAL Canada 2017

The role of foreign direct investment into Serbian economic development is very important, but the export of Serbian products to foreign markets is just as crucial. State programs and policies are based on attracting foreign investments through privatization and greenfield investments. Though, what is missing is to thoroughly explore foreign markets and collect information about products that have export potential.

Strengthening business cooperation with many countries in which the Serbian diaspora is represented would bring significant results for the Serbian economy. This is why the International Consulting Group team was present at the North American Food Innovation Exhibition in 2017 hosted in Toronto, Canada. We have initiated the laying of the foundation of this development towards North America by creating the Distribution Center for Serbian products.


1. International Consulting Group team in partnership with MTT Canada and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

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Important points:
  • Bring significant results for the Serbian economy
  • Thoroughly explore foreign markets
  • Collect information about products that have export potential
  • Strengthening business cooperation
  • Creating the Distribution Center for Serbian products

Taras Stojković, MA

President of ICG

SIAL Canada


May 2-4, 2017

Exhibit Profile:
Food and beverage products

Project in support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Serbia, Administration sector for cooperation with the Diaspora and the Serbs in the region; Republic of Serbia Embassy in Ottawa and Republic of Serbia Consulate in Toronto. Thank you to H.E. Mr. Mihailo Papazoglu for his support.

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