“Russia – The Land of Opportunity” – 2018

This Forum was the first international meeting (event) after the WFYS 2017, organized by the World Future Team. Communities from all over the world were present, so they were able to discuss important topics, initiate surveys and share world and local problems to discuss ways to solve them.

More than 6500 young people from various regions of Russia and foreign countries participated in this prestigious Forum. The participants were selected on a competitive basis among the members of the movement from foreign countries – to be precise, 300 participants from all over the world had a chance to meet again and to present their initiatives and projects, to discuss global problems and to exchange their experience with the rest of the world youth community. It was a great opportunity to meet old friends and like-minded people from different countries, to explore Moscow, to promote initiatives and to find partners and new ideas for development.

Some of the primary goals of the Forum were exchanging ideas, presenting projects, strengthening international relations among youth and like-minded people, initiating surveys, promoting Russian language and culture, developing inter-ethnic and intercultural communication, discussing important topics, global and local problems, looking for inspiration.

During the Forum, there were more than 35 platforms – thematic workshops, debates, cultural evenings, interactive games and more. However, this open project platform included more than 13 projects. Some of them were the following: Leaders of Russia, I’m a professional, Want to do good, My first business, Professional internships, Manage Cup, Young professionals. The main focus was on the crucial topics such as management and leadership, state institutions in the modern world, new technologies, healthy lifestyle, personal growth and successful career, new technologies and digitalization, landmarks and historical values, self-development, volunteering and start-ups.

The International Consulting Group representative participated in all activities of the Forum, where there was an opportunity to interact with more than 300 famous and popular speakers, experts, and guests from 85 regions in the VDNH Expo Center. Participants had a unique opportunity to express their own thoughts, to present initiatives, to improve management skills, to connect with experts, reach new contacts and to work on the development of their own business ideas. In addition, the ICG representative spent a few days (16-20 March) in the regional programme in Sochi, where she had the opportunity to monitor presidential elections as an observer, to have a closer look on the voting procedure, and to create a framework for stronger and international cooperation with people from the city administration.

Having this in mind, the main purpose of this event was to encourage youth and young experts to work together, all united, as one, but not only in an online format. After creating a platform such as this one, we all want to achieve the main goal – to improve the quality of life on the planet, because future starts here, and now, and we all are part of the future.

Natalija Radivojević, BA

Law associate at ICG

Forum: “RUSSIA – The Land of Opportunity”

Moscow and Sochi, Russia

March 11-20, 2018

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