“Eurasia Forum” – 2018

The third International youth Eurasia forum was for the third time hosted by the city of Orenburg, Russia. It was no accident that Orenburg area, together with its most important and biggest city of Orenburg, for the period of one week, welcomed more than 1100 participants from 77 countries around the world, Russia included. This is a city where, for centuries back, different ethnic and religious groups cohabitate in peace and prosperity. Cultural diversity here is represented by 22 ethnicities, and as such could be considered to represent a miniature of Russia.

Our organization, ICG, was represented in this youth forum by Stevan Gligorović, our political geography and ecology associate.

The forum was organized by Federal Agency for Youth Affairs of Russia, together with Orenburg area authorities and the Government of the Russian federation. Volunteers deserve more than a mention for sure, because it was with their helpful hands that the arrival and stay of foreign and domestic representatives went smooth and pleasant for everyone involved. Volunteering is an important aspect in the lives of Russian youth, hence the president Vladimir Putin proclaimed the year of 2018 to be the year of volunteers.

The forum consisted of numerous and variegated lectures of established professionals from several Russian universities, journalists, publicists, as well as representatives of regional teams of Rosmolodez. They all gave their best in trying to explain how, through launching different activities, it is possible to bring about the youth participation in activities with local, regional and global impact.

Hand in hand with the official programme, represented by lectures, the Russian hosts organised a plethora of events with cultural enrichment in mind, such as theatre plays, a special ball in the main city square, excursions to Orenburg area villages, etc.

The common opinion of all participants was that such forum is an invaluable experience for young people, in terms of both gaining new knowledge and exchanging information, and making new friends and learning about new cultures.

Stevan Gligorović, MA

Political geography & ecology associate at ICG

Eurasia Forum, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs of Russia

Orenburg, Russian Federation

September 4-10, 2018

“Eurasia Forum” – 2018

The third International youth Eurasia forum was for the third time hosted by the city of Orenburg, Russia.

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