“Touristic laundry room” – 2018

The play is based on the books “Touristic laundry room” and “Touristic truffles”, famous and renowned touristic guides in Serbia by Maja Rogan, Touristic Organisation of Serbia associate, whereas Patrik Lazić was chosen as director, and Danica Krstić and Vahid Džanković as actors. An open call for applications made it possible for young cultural entrepreneurs to further progress and develop their projects. This project was made possible with the support of Youth Office of Belgrade.

The play presents the topic of tourists of various nationalities and their stereotypes of Serbia and Belgrade, as well as Belgraders’ and Serbian stereotypes of foreigners. That is how, at the time when both Serbia and Belgrade are gaining more touristic popularity, a comical and at the same time adult and experience-based approach and dialog aim to show various stereotypes and assumptions people carry from their backgrounds, and to shed light on the interpretation of cultural differences, on their ultimate revelation and acceptance, even preparation for the increased number of tourists in our capital.

The Stage five hall of the Fifth Belgrade gymnasium was filled to the last seat, which clearly tells us that this preview was successful and that even more success is to be expected for the official premiere, scheduled for June 29, 2018, on “Vlada Divljan” stage at Palilula Cultural center.

Project coordinator: Marija Gajić, MA

Culture & art advisor of ICG

“Touristic laundry room”

Fifth Belgrade gymnasium Stage Five, Belgrade, Serbia

June 26, 2018

Project made possible by the Youth Office of Belgrade support for performing arts, with the aim of cultural inclusion of youth and their familiarisation with attitudes towards and treatment of values in society.

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